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  • Over 100 direct connections with major marketing services.

  • Programmatic, PPC, Email Marketing, Call Tracking, Analytics, Social - we have them all.

  • Easily connect and choose what data populates your dashboard. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Marketing Dashboard

  • Central & Unified Dashboard. One account, all your marketing data, easily scalable for clients.

  • Limitless Data Visualization with Widgets and Excel Data Import.

  • Focus on customers, not reporting.

Import Wizard

  • Bring in offline data - if you can measure it, TapAnalytics can report it.

  • A true custom services builder. Set & Forget automatic uploads with Google Drive, Dropbox or FTP.

  • Extend or replace the power of Excel with the efficiency of TapAnalytics.

Automated Reporting

  • Scheduled email delivery of reports. Set the interval, the day and the address. That easy.

  • Export & send in Word, Excel or PDF automatically.

  • Late reports, errors & formatting troubles are things of the past.

Visualizations & Widgets

  • Interactive charts & graphs help illustrate your story.

  • Combine data points to show growth & success in ways that numbers don’t.

White Label Dashboards & Reporting

  • Make TapAnalytics your client facing reporting solution.

  • Add your logo, give services custom titles, insert your own support links.

  • Ask us about other white labeling options.

Add Margin/Markup Costs to Campaigns

  • Add your service charge to client campaigns - without the awkward conversation.

  • Flexibility to change costs per client, per service, by margin or markup.

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